Leap Into Social Media – an Open Q and A

DATE & TIME: Wednesday, February 29th at 6:30pm Pacific


It suddenly occurred to me that this is a leap year, so I thought why not host a Leap Into Social Media Call?

So next Wednesday, I’m hosting an open line Q&A Call about ANYTHING having to do with social media!  Joining me will be Phil Anderson from Anderson Social Media Solutions.

Wednesday, February 29th @ 6:30 pm PT / 8:30pm CT / 9:30pm ET

We’ll be answering any and all questions related to social media and getting your business into the on-line conversation, no matter what your business model!

Can’t be there? Just submit your question in advance on the link you’ll receive and then listen to the replay which will be immediately posted!

Why am I hosting this call?


  1. To get to know YOU and your social media needs better
  2. To help you to get to know us better
  3. To answer some of the questions I’m hearing about over & over
  4. To assure you that you can manage your social media without spending ALL day on-line
  5. Maybe you’ll want to work with us after you listen to the call
  6. If you’re like me, you might be tired or reading  and just want to LISTEN 😉

You can attend via skype, webcast or phone…

Share this info with your friends if you’d like…just be sure to register yourself first!