About Shelley

Shelley_82downsampledNow that you’re visiting my website, you probably want to know “Who is this person, Shelley Webb and what makes her think she can help me?”

Well, here’s my story:

I started dabbling in social media when I left my job as a registered nurse to care for my aging father who lived with me.  To help me keep my sanity (Oh, do I have stories), I started a blog called The Intentional Caregiver which was aimed at providing support for others in the caregiving role.

I originally became inolved with Twitter and then Facebook a few months down the line.   Of course, as time went on, I added more social media networks to my repetoire.

My little blog and I quickly gained recognition and began receiving awards.  Speaking engagements came out of nowhere (at least, that’s what I thought at the time)!  For example, planners of a major conference on dementia in Washington DC asked  me to be a key note speaker (and with monetary compensation). CBS news correspondant, Barry Peterson, ended up giving the keynote speech which was fine with me because at that time, I didn’t even want to speak!

Core ValuesThen curiously, I found myself featured as an expert (the only nurse amidst a panel of physicians), on a Website called Organized Wisdom (another interesting story) and THEN featured as a finalist in The Shorty Awards with an invitation to fly to New York for the ceremonies.

I remember one day when a Twitter follow recommended me for #followFriday because I had a high Klout score.  What’s Klout, I asked. (yes, I now know.)

I was also asked to be an “expert contributor” to a website owned by some people that you may have heard of – Dr. Oz, Harpo Productions and the founder of WebMd, Jeff Arnold.  I continue to write for them to this day.  I have even been contacted by the production staff at Harpo Studios, you know….Oprah?

The one thread running through this story: I did not solicit any of these opportunities. They were offered to me because of how I presented myself on social media.  My “numbers” of friends, fans, followers, etc are not that high, but they are intentional.  Success on social media is not all about the numbers.

People began asking me if I had a publicity agent.  No, I said.  Social Media is my publicity agent. It’s much less expensive.  They then wanted to know what I was doing to attract all this high end publicity, how I did it and if I could help them do it too.

Thus began On The Webb Social Media Services.

If you’d like to attract this kind of attention and success on social media, I can show you how. 


During the time it took you to read this, anywhere between one and a thousand people could have mentioned you, your product or company on a social media site, either in a positive or negative way. And while you may have missed it, their friends and the people they influence did not. That is the power of social media and precisely why you need to get involved immediately.

Contact me at Shelley@ShelleyWebb.com

or by snail mail:

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