5 Custom Quotation Graphics

We take 5 quotes from our library or ones you specify and wrap them in beautiful, eye-catching art work and add your company name, website or other identifying mark.

Stand out from the crowd AND get extra visibility when someone shares one of your branded images. These are great to place on Facebook or Twitter where they will be shared with friends and their friends, thus giving you more visibility! Pin them to Pinterest, as well. You could add your industry tips to them too. Just $25.00 U.S.!

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Responsive Email – email that automatically adapts to the device it is viewed on

responsiveWhen you use a responsively designed email template it responds and adapts to the device your recipients are using to experience it. After all looking at something on a small device versus a desktop or laptop, it’s a totally different exp Responsive email is designed to render two different layouts depending on the size of the screen the email is opened on.

The use of responsive design in your email marketing campaigns can double their effectiveness, but not the cost. Update your email with a fully responsive design. Our designs will work with almost any email marketing system out there (Aweber, 1SC, MailChimp, iContact, etc) with the exception of Constant Contact. We do all the work and testing to ensure that you have a classy email template that looks great and is easy to read on every device it is viewed on. Bring your email up-to-date and make sure your message is being read no matter what device your client’s view it on for just $197 US!

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Press Release Simplicity

I know you’re a small business entrepreneur or career professional and likely you are the only person available to do your public relations. This manual is for you. This prepares you to run your own publicity campaign through press releases that get noticed by the media, all on a small budget. You know your company best. You are the most qualified person to run an effective campaign. If you can spend about 2 hours every couple of weeks writing and distributing a press release, over time this can develop into some pretty terrific exposure for your business, and the best part, it can be ABSOLUTELY FREE. Get this step-by-step downloadable ebook and 4 BONUS GUIDES (101 Press Release Ideas, SEO for Press Releases, Create an Online Media Room, Interview Prep Sheet) for just $67.00 U.S.!

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Power Point Presentations Made Easy

Studies show that different people learn in different ways. By adding a visual component to your audio presentations, whether on-line or off-line, you can increase your audience’s understanding of the subject matter by more than 30%. Learn how to create your own PowerPoint presentation from this step-by-step (includes images) downloadable ebook for only $21.95 U.S.!

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Custom QR Codes

We can custom design your QR code to reflect your color branding and even imbed your logo into it. When scanned, our QR codes can link to a URL (even video), can automatically add your contact information to a smart phone, or can add an event to a calendar. These particular QR codes do NOT offer tracking and analytics. We will be offering that soon.

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